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Oriel Road


Hackney, London






The Oriel Road project consists of a low energy rear extension with some associated internal rearrangement. Studio Bark’s primary ambition was to create a simple yet considered kitchen/dining space with a better connection to the garden.


The design incorporates 3 rooflights between an internally exposed timber structure, culminating in a large single leaf glazed door. A timber window frames the kitchen and sits at the same level as a generous breakfast bar. The intention is that this level will be continued externally to form planting beds and that once opened, the window will provide a seamless connection between internal and external spaces.


Materiality and Detailing

Studio Bark specified a restrained material pallete to compliment the rich textures and colours of the original Victorian construction. Internally, laminated veneer lumber made from Beech named ‘BauBuche’ has been used for the expressed structure and kitchen.


Externally, the rain-screen cladding is made from UK sourced Sweet Chestnut, detailed with a cavity to hide services.


The green roof uses a Sarnafil roofing membrane with the roof left to seed naturally over time.


The team insulated the building fabric between the timber studs with UdiFlex timber fibre insulation and externally with UdiTop rigid panels.


Project Management

In this particular case, the clients were keen to project manage the construction process themselves. Studio Bark worked closely with the client and design team through the technical design (RIBA stage 4), but were not involved during the construction (RIBA stage 5). Although the construction process was not always easy, the clients both did a fantastic job to deliver this building without much prior knowledge of the industry and with very little assistance from the Studio Bark team.


Client Testimonial

“Before restoring and extending Oriel Road, it had to be rescued. After years of neglect and a collapsing roof, it took us a while to fully engage with the Studio Bark plans. Ours was a lengthy project for this reason, but also because we chose to manage the build ourselves.

Studio Bark had made the design process a really enjoyable experience, where they helped us articulate exactly what we were looking for. Managing the build ourselves, however, made us really appreciate the strength of their design. As such, it was a genuine privilege to learn from the plans, to work with exciting and ecofriendly materials, and to meet some great suppliers along the way.”

– Client

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