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A low carbon home in the Blackdown Hills AONB

A low carbon home in the Blackdown Hills AONB

Marsh House is a low carbon home nestled deep within the Blackdown Hills National Landscape. The proposal seeks to create a highly personal and contextually sensitive building inspired by the isolated and esoteric qualities of this site.

The client wanted a home that would be a profound piece of architecture in an enigmatic setting, while supporting the continued management of the woodland. The design consists of three bedrooms with an open plan living, kitchen and dining area. The upper floor contains a snug, music room, and a master bedroom, enveloped by the characterful roof. Smaller loft spaces located in the very apex of the roof allow for uninterrupted views of the night sky.

Surrounding trees looking up to sky

Form, texture and tone

The form and scale of the home was conceived to cast a striking silhouette amongst the spidery Goat Willow trees. Clad in charred timber shakes, the building has a texture and tone befitting of its woodland context.

The kinked plan and tapering roof are informed by the seasonal changes around the summer and winter solstices, adjusting the light and temperature internally as it shifts through the year. Externally, the undulating structure strikes a rhythmic hierarchy, whilst creating a dialogue with the surrounding trees.

Stack of wood

An environmental, characterful home

As well as responsiveness to the seasons, the home is designed to respond and interact with its surroundings. The ambition is to utilise the site as a material resource, nurturing the surrounding woodlands while benefiting from the locally available resource.

The resulting design is a characterful, low-impact home with exceptionally low embodied carbon, designed to connect its inhabitant with the surrounding natural environment.

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