As a studio, we are passionate about sharing our sustainable and educational knowledge with others and have put together some resources to share with you.

Explore our tools below on how to use our modular construction system U-Build, build your own home or understand Paragraph 84 and Paragraph 139 of the NPPF.

The Bark Journey

How do we take you on the journey to a healthier, more joyful home?

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Paragraph 84

Can we help you build a new home in an isolated location in the countryside?

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Paragraph 139

Could this new policy help you gain planning permission by building sensitively and sustainably?

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How To Guides

Explore our guide to the materials, processes, and ideas behind our work

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No Building As Usual

How do we pass on our skills and ambitions to the next generation of architects?

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How can we help you build your own sustainable and circular home?

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