What Surveys Do I Need for a New Home on my Land?

What Surveys Do I Need for a New Home on my Land?
View of existing field at Nest House

Early Stages

Measured / Topographical Survey

Estate agent plans can be inaccurate and to ensure that a design can be developed accurately and to scale, we recommend a full measured survey of any surrounding grounds relevant to the project.

Drainage utilities search

A desktop search should identify which pipes are owned by the water company and to what extent, and indicate whether or not a build-over agreement may be required.

Mid Stages

Trial pits / ground condition survey

Typically instructed by the structural engineer in order to design foundations suited to the specific ground conditions of a site.

Ecological appraisal

This appraisal can help understand if there are any sensitive ecological factors to the site, and help inform a design response.

Arboricultural (tree) survey

This will look at the condition, ecological value and root protection areas of existing trees on site.

Phase 1 contamination survey

This desktop-based study is used to identify whether land contamination is likely to be an issue on site.

Flora with ladybird on a site visit in Hampshire
View of air tightness equipment at Nest House testing airflow rates
Air tightness equipment testing airflow rates at Nest House


Airtightness test

For a passivhaus project, a mid-build test is needed prior to final fix and finishes. More typically an air leakage test is conducted at the conclusion of construction.

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