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A paragraph 84 home inspired by water and designed for climate resilience

A paragraph 84 home inspired by water and designed for climate resilience

Breach House is a home inspired by the water that surrounds it, and designed for climate resilience. It was granted planning permission in February 2024 under Paragraph 84 of the NPPF.

Approach to Breach House with landscaping

Breach House is an integration of architecture and landscape, human needs and ecology, with water as a connecting thread flowing through the proposal. The house, which is partly powered by micro-hydro energy, harvests run-off water from the surrounding fields, filtering this for potable and non-potable uses within the house and landscape.

Natural pool and exterior view of Breach House

The site previously held permission for a conversion and significant basement-extension to an existing agricultural barn. Our scheme takes a different approach, proposing a sensitive restoration of the existing barn to preserve its agricultural use. Meanwhile, the new house will be located at a different part of the site and provide an exceptionally comfortable and environmentally exciting home. Inspired by a historic precedent at Bosworth Hall, a ‘water tower’ serves as a focal point, which weaves together a number of functions from circulation and ventilation, to look-out and water filtration.

Visual of Breach House with a central watertower feature

The scheme was reviewed by an independent panel from Design Midlands during its development, who noted: “The design approach has resulted in an exceptionally high quality scheme with a unique language which is contemporary, while echoing the typology / vernacular of local farmsteads.”

The proposal comprises a holistic site strategy, informed by detailed analysis of setting and landscape, bringing significant enhancement to an ecologically-degraded agricultural site. The scheme achieves an exceptional biodiversity net gain of 60%+ while providing on-site carbon drawdown and natural flood water management.

This approval marks Studio Bark’s 10th permission via Paragraph 84; the ‘country house clause’.

Visual of main living space at Breach House
Lounge view
Games corner winndow
dining room
Main bed

“The entire process has been a labour of love, and the level of rigour and detail is exceptional. We really do hope that with the support of the local authority, and wider consultees, we can work collaboratively to deliver a beautiful example of modern architecture, that enriches the landscape and our lives. The opportunity to live and manage the land in a way which will improve the ecology and biodiversity for all to enjoy, coupled with the extensive landscape proposals, is something we’re not only passionate about, but very proud of.”
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