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UPDATE: As of December 2023 Paragraph 80 is now Paragraph 84. The exception clause has not changed in content, it's just a matter of semantics.

If you’re looking to build a home in an isolated location in the countryside, Paragraph 84 could be for you.

We gained our first Paragraph 55 (now Paragraph 84) approval in 2013 with our project Periscope House. Since that first approval, we’ve learned a lot about what Paragraph 84 strives for and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the level of quality required to achieve planning permission.

It all starts with a conversation, so get in touch to speak to our team and learn more about whether Paragraph 84 could be the ideal route for you to build your dream home.

Find out more about our extensive research into Paragraph 84.

For a more in depth view of our working process and the different stages of a project, visit our Bark Journey page.

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Periscope House

Nest House

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Black Barn