Introducing a 9-Day Fortnight at Studio Bark

Studio Bark are trialling a 9-day fortnight for 2023. Every other Friday our office will be closed, as we take time off to refresh, revitalise and restrengthen.

Architecture has consistently been subject to a culture of long working hours. At Studio Bark, we have always rejected this, believing it is not necessary for thriving projects. Time away from the office can be equally as rich, providing retrospective and well-being. Results have demonstrated that people get more done when they work fewer hours, and less done when they work more hours.

For transparency with our clients and collaborators, please see below the Fridays the Studio Bark office is closed in 2023.

January – 13th, 27th
February – 10th, 24th
March – 10th, 24th
April – 7th, 21st
May – 5th, 19th
June – 2nd, 16th, 30th
July – 14th, 28th
August – 11th, 25th
September – 8th, 22nd
October – 6th, 20th
November – 3rd, 17th
December – 1st, 15th, 29th

What does this mean for us?

More time on personal endeavours; hobbies, volunteering, building boats, travelling sustainably or simply taking the time to get on top of life.

More time on personal relationships; with families, friends and ourselves.

What does this mean for our work?

An enjoyable physical and social environment – inspiring us, and the people we work with.

As an office, we are evaluating our internal processes to streamline our days, leaving time for beautiful, sustainability-led projects to emerge.

We are confident this extra time will improve engagement as we continue to produce rigorous and design-led work. Demonstrating effectiveness and communication to help balance the workload and wellbeing of the team

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