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An Introduction to The Shed Project


The Shed Project




Lowe Guardians




Studio Bark Projects




Studio Bark have teamed up with Lowe Guardians to create the SHED Project, a revolutionary and environmentally friendly solution for quality and affordable accommodation in vacant buildings.

Studio Bark constructed SHED from affordable, low-impact materials. They used Smartply (formaldehyde free OSB), lamb’s wool insulation, and recycled polycarbonate. Besides being affordable, these materials are all made in the UK. The OSB is CNC’d (Computer Numeric Cutting) for brevity, accuracy and to minimise wastage. The individual panels are formed to create ‘U-Build’ modules, a system designed by Studio Bark. The builders then bolted the parts together on a regular grid to form the insulated and soundproof SHED.

Each SHED takes one day to construct. The intention is for each guardian to build it themselves, taking ownership of their living quarters. Studio Bark aimed to create the potential to develop a new community of SHED builders.

The team was enriched through collaboration with Anna Glover who took charge of the interior fit-out of the pod.

“Before meeting Tim, we had been developing our modular ‘U-Build’ system for some time, yet specifically for the self-build housing market. Consequently, The SHED project presented us with the opportunity to explore new options for temporary housing and shelter. We were hugely excited by Lowe Guardian’s environmental ethos. Certainly, we were keen to develop an easily reused and re-appropriated pod, helping to minimise building waste to landfill. As a result, The SHED project provides the opportunity to put a stop to substandard and wasteful temporary development in London and across the UK.” —Wilf Meynell, Director, Studio Bark



Anna Glover – Textiles & Interiors
Cut and Construct – CNC cutting and delivery


Client Perspective

“On every site, we create a considerable amount of waste; both financially and environmentally. We were looking for a solution where we could be much more creative with the space. We wanted to take everything with us when we went onto the next site.” — Tim Lowe, Director, Lowe Guardians



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