Box House: Featured on Grand Designs: The Street on 25th April 2019




On 25th April 2019, U-Build was featured on a new series of Grand Designs with Kevin McCloud. The new program (named ‘Grand Designs: The Street’) centers around a young couple with a difficult brief: namely to provide a robust and affordable self-build solution for assembly by a small team with limited construction experience. The U-Build concept was conceived and developed by Studio Bark with help from Structure Workshop and Cut and Construct. 3 years from conception, The Studio Bark team have now launched U-Build as a disruptive force in the construction industry. You can find further information on the episode here.


Studio Bark is also proud to announce to exhibit the Live-Build ‘Box House’ at Grand Designs Live, showcasing the U-Build system between 4-12 May 2019 at ExCeL as a part of National Custom and Self Build week. To get your complimentary tickets for the Grand Designs Live Show visit this link.


To get a complimentary 45-mins consultation session on your self build project book your slot here.


Besides watching the stand grow a little on each day of the show, together with Kevin McCloud, the visitors will continue making and adding further modular U-Build components onto the stand to demonstrate its flexibility and functionality. Studio Bark will encourage visitors to use Fologram’s AR headsets with transparent lenses to help self-build enthusiasts realise their potential within an immersive teaching environment. For the exhibition stand, Studio Bark will be using WISA-birch and WISA-spruce plywood supplied by UPM Plywood, showcasing their ‘Biofore – Beyond Fossil’ approach to sustainable materials.


See more on Grand Design Live’s website about what Studio Bark will be doing.


To read more about the UK’s largest custom and self-build community in Graven Hill where the Box House is located, visit here.





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