Billingford House Wins Planning

This modest proposal will be the only Paragraph 79 home in the UK to be built using our flat-pack U-Build system. U-Build was chosen in response to the client’s self-build ambitions and will allow them to be directly involved in the build process of their new home. The system boasts a significant reduction in the overall embodied energy compared to a standard timber framed building of the same footprint. This is achieved through a combination of locally sourced materials and minimising material waste through the production process of the flat-pack U-Build panels. The two bed house sits on a plot of land within the small village of Billingford, Norfolk. Situated in the north west corner of the site, the proposal benefits from a south facing, 3 sided courtyard offering glimpsed views of the village church. The building is buffered from the road by a newly planted fruit orchard, with the associated landscaping works having been carefully developed alongside Torc Ecology to enhance and enrich the setting by creating new habitats. More information about the design can be found on the project page. We hope to be on site with the project during the summer 2019. Visual by Konrad Wojcik

Two bedroom self build home by Studio Bark
Visualisation of the Billingford project by Studio Bark
Plans of the Billingford project by Studio Bark
Plans of the Billingford project by Studio Bark
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