Woodland Student Blog – Day One

This year we have teamed up with students at the University of East London for a construction week looking at historical techniques of timber furniture making and translating these techniques into methods of construction.

We began looking at the design and engineering of the Windsor Chair and how it can act as inspiration for efficient minimalist timber structures, using locally sourced, small-scale timber. By understanding how lower-grade timber can be utilised, we are able to relate a building’s construction to a long-term woodland management plan. Developing techniques to enable timber extracted for the health of the woodland to remain on-site in the building.

Here is what the students have been up to!


Day 1 – Monday 2nd October

The trip began with a visit to the woodland site of Studio Bark’s live project.
The selected ‘Woodland students’ were introduced to five different tree types on site (sweet chestnut, beech, birch, spruce, larch) that were being handcrafted for building materials for the house.

On-site activities included individual tree descriptions, their location around the site, watching the tree felling process, carrying logs and learning how to make shakes.

The activity was split into two groups, one group were tasked with cutting down the sweet chestnut wood into rectangular shakes (350 mm wide, 5mm thick approx.) and the other group began trimming the sapwood.

Other activities included cutting down beech and larch wood and comparing their properties to the sweet chestnut wood.

More to come…

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