The Bark Journey has Launched!

As a practice specialising in bespoke homes, we are often approached by first time clients grappling to understand a process that architects take years to master. To give clients confidence in that process without overloading them with unnecessary details, skilful communication is needed.

In response, we have designed ‘The Bark Journey’ as a visual guide that clients can revisit as their project develops. In addition to giving key information about how we work as a small, collaborative and environmentally driven team, we think it demonstrates the fun and creativity we bring to our work.


What is the Bark Journey?

Our interactive ‘Bark Journey is a playful visual guide taking prospective clients through each step, from initial enquiry to building completion. Each RIBA work stage is described with a concise overview of the purpose of that stage. By clicking on a stage readers access a more detailed explanation of the services we provide in-house and the intended outcomes. The Bark Journey demonstrates the value of our service and communicates the sometimes esoteric but necessary functions that the architect undertakes.

While the idea stemmed from wanting to enhance how we brief our clients, we hope it’s something that many other people, including students, self builders, design team consultants and many others will also enjoy.

Studio Bark worked closely with digital design studio Multiple States to produce The Bark Journey.

Join us on the Bark Journey: www.studiobark.co.uk/bark-journey

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