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Slight House






On Site


Slight House is a new home slotted between two existing houses in the Clapton Square Conservation Area. Our proposal for the site, coined ‘Slight House’ is a modern design taking influence from the Victorian terrace streetscape.

The unusually narrow plot was formerly the access to a housing development behind. In recent years it has been fenced off from the street and left to become overgrown.


Form and Layout

The clients wanted a bright and modern home which would maximise living space on this constrained site. The lowering of the ground floor has enabled the rear to be extended further without negatively impacting neighbours. It has allowed for a three-storey home with open plan living, dining and kitchen, and two ensuite bedrooms with a mezzanine above.

In order to remain in-keeping with the scale and massing of the Victorian terrace, the front wall and roof ridge line takes its cue from the existing terrace. Studio Bark developed the playful brick detailing as a clear reference to the surrounding historic elevations. Further, it has been designed to bring depth and intrigue to the facade.

The plan of the house is arranged in a linear fashion. The entrance leads through a cosy living space to a bright kitchen and dining area naturally lit by two large roof lights. A smaller roof light above the porch provides natural light for the stairwell and snug, whilst also providing a dramatic vertical view up the brick facade on entry to the home. The staircase has been developed as a piece of furniture incorporating storage and visually knitting the floors together. The multi-functional stair emphasises the verticality of the house while also being an efficient solution for the narrow plot.



One of the fundamental environmental drivers for this project is local sourcing. It radically reduces the carbon footprint (embodied energy) of construction by ensuring materials are from a local and traceable supply chain. Studio Bark will build the Slight House from a pallet of natural and recycled materials. Therefore, this approach will ensure that the building fabric has a low embodied energy demand.

Equipped with a green roof, the rear extension provides a benefit in terms of biodiversity. It will present views of natural colour from the neighbouring properties and will have a positive impact on surface water attenuation.


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