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Quarry House






Quarry House is one of Studio Bark’s most ambitious low energy schemes to date. Located on a neglected site of an old disused quarry, the proposal looks to utilise the man-made landscape features to determine its positioning on the site. The site also benefits from expansive panoramic views across the Cheshire Plains afforded by its elevated position, a key feature that helped determine the building’s form.


Overall Form

The proposal is for a 3 bedroom single storey house which is characterised by its projecting ‘fingers’ reaching out towards the expansive views. Linking spaces connect the main spaces, helping to break up the overall mass. A  separate garage is located at the entrance to the site.



The design also includes a sensitive landscape design that intends to enhance local flora and fauna, particularly heath planting which characterises the local area. Through collaboration with a local ecologist early in the project’s development, key strategic decisions have been made that ensure the proposal has a positive ecological impact and significantly enhances its immediate setting.


Whole Life Zero Carbon

In response to the recent climate emergency declarations, the proposal is targeting Whole Life Zero Carbon within 30 years. A team of analysts from the Sustainability Research Institute at the University of East London, as well as in house analysis, has put the design through its paces to ensure that the embodied energy and in-use energy demand are kept to a minimum.


Methods of construction and material choices have also been very carefully considered from early on in the design process to ensure that they are both circular and light touch, including a foundation design that does not require energy hungry concrete. The intention is to significantly minimise waste to landfill both through construction and at the end of the buildings useful life .


The clients aim to be an integral part in the construction of the building. The use of local and natural materials aims to mitigate against any detrimental impacts on the existing site whilst also helping the building blend into its immediate setting. The proposal intends to be subtle, and sensitive to the defining characteristics of the local area as well as providing a new landmark in the area for contemporary, low energy construction.

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