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Mill Lane






Studio Bark Projects




Mill Lane is the home to a retired couple situated on a quiet street in Essex. The original cottage has been extended multiple times during its long life. Its most recent addition is very much of it’s time, using Studio Bark’s U-Build CNC construction system to maximise efficiency. The work has seen the extension to the rear of the home and remodelling of the lower ground floor space. It provides a guest bedroom, bathroom and and open plan kitchen and dining space.

Mill Lane is the first U-Build extension and it’s also the first time the system has been adapted to create a pitched roof. Internally, the expressed timber structure and high-level perimeter glazing create a space that is bright and spacious. This was created with the assistance of Structural Engineers at Structure Workshop .

The construction has been a collaborative effort between the clients and Studio Bark with construction taking approximately four months to complete. The pieces were cut by Cut and Construct and delivered to site in flat-pack form. Thermafleece provided the sheeps wool insulation and delivered to site pre-cut to fit the U-Build modules.



Studio Bark’s first flat-packed U-Build system used for a home extension is Essex, Dezeen, September 2019

Client Testimonial

“Carrying out our recent build project with Studio Bark has been an amazing experience.  We wanted to add a first-floor extension to our 1830s cottage to provide an upstairs yoga space and bedroom with an en-suite shower room and a landing space to accommodate all our books. Studio Bark came up with an innovative design with high ceilings vaulted in birch. It managed the difficult task of sitting well with the existing building while not attempting to copy it.  They managed the planning application process, keeping us informed and worked with us to ensure that we understood the proposals. To our delight, they told us that if we wished we could have some involvement in the build process and we happily agreed.

Communication through the project has been excellent.  There was huge potential for difficulties, as a separate building company was involved in some of the work. But Studio Bark managed this seamlessly, keeping us informed at every stage and working well with sub-contractors and other specialists.

We are so delighted with the whole project. Teaching my first yoga class in the space last week, I felt that it is very peaceful and calm and a wonderful addition to our home.  We would be very happy to recommend this company to anyone wanting a positive building experience. Thank you Studio Bark!”

– Client

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