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Ebenezer House






G&R Construction Ltd




House extension in conservation area

Ebenezer House is a house extension project by Studio Bark. It is home to a professional couple situated inside a conservation area near Bow’s historic Roman Road.

Studio Bark had a brief to extend the existing half basement. They also undertook remodelling the ground floor, allowing for an additional guest bedroom, bathroom and an open plan kitchen with dining space.

The rear of the property was a semi basement. Therefore, finding a way to maximise natural light was key to the success of the project. Studio Bark took inspiration from the existing butterfly roof which is visible from the rear of the property. The windows that have high-level perimeter are angled inwards.  This allows light to enter whilst maintaining a consistent parapet on the outside.

Out of Order Design constructed a glazed stair screen providing another source of natural light from the existing landing window. This also makes the kitchen feel more generous.

Studio Bark used charred oak (Shou Sugi Ban) as the exterior cladding which has been brushed and charred a second time. This method helps the timber retain its black appearance. It also expresses the natural grain of the oak giving a uniform, textured finish.

Topped with a green roof, the house extension provides an elevated garden for flowers and grasses to grow. This also creates an effective thermal buffer, keeping the extension cool during the summer, and insulated during the winter.


Client Testimonial

“A testament to good design is when, after having lived in the new, extended space for twelve months, there is not a single thing we would re-do, change, add or take out. Studio Bark’s commitment, brilliance and enthusiasm impressed us greatly. They demonstrated a remarkable willingness to arrive at solutions with us and were extremely diligent in seeing those through to conclusion. Studio Bark completely dispelled any of the preconceptions we might have had about excellent design being compromised by environmentally conscious design. We have ended up with a beautiful space that surpassed our expectations and remains warm in winter and cool in the summer. Studio Bark was a pleasure to work with and the least stressful part of the process. Without a doubt, our next project will be with them. Thank you Studio Bark”

– Client


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