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Boar Lane Studios




East Street Arts and LJ Real Estate




Assisted self build




Boar Lane Studios is a pop-up arts space in Leeds City Centre. The project was the result of a collaboration between LJ Real Estate and East Street Arts, an arts organisation and leading provider of artist workspaces. The ground floor retrofit of the old tool emporium was carried out using Studio Bark’s patented U-Build construction system.


Assisted Self Build

Studio Bark were asked to assist the local artists and makers with the self build of five internal pods. At the beginning of the two days East Street Art’s prospective, residents were briefed on how the flat-pack system worked. Guided by Studio Bark, they were each tasked with building their own spaces. The U-Build system was designed for people of all levels of construction experience, with inclusivity in mind. This project was an early test of the system’s buildability. The smooth two-day build culminated in a party to celebrate the opening of the building to the public. Many thanks go to the artists and makers who put in all the hard work and made the process so enjoyable!


Sustainable Design

The plywood and recycled polycarbonate pods are insulted with lambswool. They are 100% demountable and reusable. This means that when the lease ends at 34 Boar Lane, East Street Arts will be able to make use of their investment in another meanwhile space.

The flat pack pieces for Boar Lane Studios were cut by Cut and Construct who have also been integral to the optimisation of the U-Build system.


Client Testimonial

“We were looking to create a flexible, temporary work space for local artists in Leeds. And we needed private studios that could be built quickly and taken down/moved to another location just as easily. Studio Bark offered the perfect solution to this; flat packed pods that are simple enough for anyone to build, and adaptable in their shapes and sizes. Armed with a team from the local community, Wilf, Nick and Steph led the way in helping us build five U-Build pods in just two days, and taught us valuable ‘skills with drills’ along the way!”

– Isabelle Roberts, LJ Partnership


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