We create positive disruption. We show compassion. We take responsibility.


Meet the Barkers

Ella Thorns

Architect ARB

Wilf Meynell


Hannah Towler

Associate Director ARB

Steph Chadwick


Naomi Wright

Architect ARB RIBA

Sarah Broadstock

Director ARB

Nick Newman

Founder ARB RIBA

Sophie Lang

Studio Manager

Misbah Mahmood Asim

Architect ARB

Tom Bennett

Director ARB RIBA

Disruptive Compassionate Responsible

Create disruption

We are science-driven, unable to ignore the facts of the climate emergency and to continue with business as usual. We are forward thinking in our work, vocal in communicating what we believe in, and courageous in our ambitions for our collective future. We engage with our industry and beyond to drive sustainable technologies and conversations forward. We are generous with our knowledge and ideas for how our industry can improve, sharing our programmes and making our research open source.

Making A Stand: A collaborative art installation by Studio Bark and Michael Pinsky in Leeds City Centre to make a stand against wasteful supply chains
Making A Stand: A collaborative art installation by Studio Bark and Michael Pinsky in Leeds City Centre to make a stand against wasteful supply chains
Making A Stand: A collaborative art installation by Studio Bark and Michael Pinsky in Leeds City Centre to make a stand against wasteful supply chains
Studio Bark demand concrete action on the climate emergency

Show compassion

We are motivated by compassion towards people, the planet and each other. We envision a world where everyone’s social needs and welfare are met. We are passionate about protecting and restoring the planet for future generations. We are dedicated to cultivating a studio grounded in kindness, respect, transparency and fairness, and recognise the need to address the diversity deficit within our industry and wider society. We treat our clients with care and will sit alongside you through the unique journey of your project, providing our knowledge, experience, and a listening ear.

Studio Bark on site at Nest House in the Wye Valley with NBAU students, and the clients Francine and Stephen

Take responsibility

We take responsibility for our work, are thorough in our research, and committed to project success. We are sincere in our approach to our client's needs, and attentive to the nuanced requirements of your individual project. We are methodical and careful in our business practices, ensuring day-to-day consistency alongside long-term resilience. We place learning in high regard, promoting upskilling within our team to consistently raise our knowledge and abilities, viewing each project as an opportunity to expand our expertise.

Hand-crafted tile prototypes for our Holloway Road project, developed in our East London studio

Awards + Press

It’s not all about winning prizes and getting attention.

But awards and press do spur us on to push our work further, creating more change and more waves.

That can only be a good thing.


2024 Wallpaper*: A Suffolk house by Studio Bark pairs a fresh visual language with low-energy design

2024 Wallpaper*: The Activism Award 2024 goes to Studio Bark, architecture’s passionate champions

2024 Dezeen: Studio Bark designs water-powered Breach House that enables off-grid living

2024 Architects' Journal: Studio Bark's water-powered 'country house clause' scheme approved

2024 Architects' Journal: Stirling Prize winner among finalists for new Wolves neighbourhood

2024 The Planner: Beyond paragraph 84: The potential of paragraph 139 in rural planning

2024 BBC News: Living off grid and the English houses where you can

2023 RIBA London: Practice of the Month December 2023

2023 Architects' Journal: Rethinking the country house clause: is para 134 architects’ new ally?

2023 World Architecture News:
Opinion: How can architects influence carbon-intensive supply chains?

2023 Dezeen:
Studio Bark designs “sculptural forest” timber installation for Leeds City Square

2023 Leeds Year of Culture:
Inspired by the ancient forests of Leeds

2023 Architects' Journal:
Nest House’s foundation design explored

2023 AJ February Building Study
Generous is Beautiful

2023 Dezeen’s Top 5 Houses of February 2023

Nest House listed as one of the top 5 houses

2022 Enki Magazine

Architect of the Month October 2022 (print)

2022 Dezeen’s COP27

Architects Express Frustration

2022 Dezeen’s Earth Day

Sarah as one of the top 50 architects
designers you need to know

2022 Hoxton Mini Press

Work From Shed

2021 IStructE

Measuring carbon: a small practice perspective

2021 COP26

Industry responsibilities by Steve Tompkins

2021 Podcast

Tom B on Building Talks Net Zero Podcast

2021 CoDreaming Climates

Sarah on Climate Conversations ACAN

2021 RIBA Journal

Lessons from history can help decarbonise buildings

2021 BBC News

A Post-Lockdown U-Build

2021 RIBA Books

Small Projects Handbook

2021 RIBA Books
Everything Needs to Change

2021 Architects' Journal

Climate Champions Podcast

2020 Elle Decoration

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2020 Architects' Journal

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