In order to halt global heating, we have to stop building as usual.

This afternoon, Studio Bark’s Wilf Meynell will be introducing No Building As Usual (NBAU) at the annual Architects Declare conference titled ‘Ideas into Action’. In a swift 5 minute talk, we explain the why and the what of ‘NBAU’ through the lens of the Three Horizons Framework. For anyone who missed it, or would like to watch again, the presentation will be available on our YouTube channel at 3pm today.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to celebrate and support diversity in the design profession. No Building As Usual offers the opportunity for hands on construction experience, teaching participants how to design and build in response to the climate emergency.


What Is No Building As Usual 2021?

This year, No Building As Usual covers a construction project called Nest House on a real site, for a lovely couple who desperately need help. The site is located in the rolling countryside of Herefordshire.

We’re currently looking for students and sponsors to be part of this exciting NBAU 2021 pilot programme. If you would like to find out more please contact nbau@studiobark.co.uk


The Premise

The climate emergency will be the defining challenge for the next generation of built environment professionals. The UK government has committed to de-carbonising the built environment, but the sector is not responding in the time-scales demanded.

We must start refusing degenerative projects, backed by fossil fuel investors or weapons trade hedge funds. We need to shift our mentality to risk and we need to start working together to foster distributive and regenerative architectural projects. We need to start putting people ahead of profits and the natural environment ahead of consumerism and creature-comforts. It’s time to shape the emerging future that we all want to see. Its time for No Building As Usual!



More information is on our website here.

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