#NoBuildingAsUsual Call For Students!

Thanks to those of you who have already applied to be a part of #NoBuildingAsUsual 2021!

We’ve already had a lot of interest from potential student participants via the online application form. Many of you have asked us for further details about the summer live build, so here we’ve posted a list of FAQs and a Photo Gallery of our past live builds, to give you a better sense of what your summer could look like.

If you question isn’t answered below, please email us at nbau@studiobark.co.uk and a member of our Student Steering Group (Wadzanai, Nuriyah and Sahar) will respond.

The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday 17th May 2021.


What is expected of students?

We will expect you to be on site from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, working as part of the build team. During this time you will be supervised and supported by Studio Bark and the #NoBuildingAsUsual expert collaborators from a range of built environment backgrounds.

Other responsibilities include attending the themed workshops, building your own living facilities, helping with cooking and co-writing a weekly build update blog. All tasks will be supported by Studio Bark and expert collaborators.


What are we going to build?

The build project is for a new home called Nest House in Herefordshire – more information about site, client and technical aspects of the build here


What will I learn?

For a list of learning outcomes please read our scoping document here


What are the living arrangements/ will we be camping for 10 weeks?

Yes. You will be camping in a beautiful rural spot in Aston Crews, in a field next to (but a bit away from) the build site. Aston Crews is a small village/ hamlet with few facilities so we will rely on shared transport and bikes to get around, and deliveries of food and other supplies.

We understand the prospect of 10 weeks of camping will be daunting to many/ all. However, we are confident that you will gain invaluable, career-changing (possibly life-changing) experience.

It’ll be challenging at times, but a lot of fun!


When does the programme start?

The 10 week programme runs from Monday 14th June to Friday 20th August.


Do I have to complete all 10 weeks?

We understand that people are likely to have some prior commitments and can be flexible to that within reason. As a minimum we expect students to complete a minimum of 8 weeks of the programme.


Will I get paid/ Is there an allowance?

We’re working hard to secure sponsorship for each student so that there is no cost to you. However, securing funding to pay for students’ time has not been possible. We understand that this will prevent many students from being able to participate.

We have been running live-build projects for around 10 years and have found that, in order to make the educational offering truly outcome-focused, we need to set aside a lot of time and overhead expense. We are running 8 different themed workshops over the programme to deliver specific climate emergency design skills that are missing from most educational institutions and are bringing in a number of specialists to lead these workshops. We are being open book with the costing for the avoidance of any doubt.


Is the programme accredited?

No. The programme is supported by the RIBA, TRADA and ACAN and will be professionally documented (by Click Click Jim) for the purposes of marketing and your portfolios.


Will I get the deposit back?

You will be reimbursed the £250 deposit on completion of the programme (minimum 8 weeks of the 10 weeks).

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