Nest House in Grand Designs Magazine

Grand Designs Magazine have featured our project Nest House in their September issue. The piece explores ten innovative homes that generate their own solar energy for an array of uses, towards the goal of self-sufficiency and low utility bills.


Solar panels as an architectural feature


Our project Nest House incorporates the PV panels as an awning, giving shelter to the veranda of the house at the same time as capturing energy to power the building. The seven solar panels were sourced second-hand, bringing new life to discarded building materials.


Nest House Built by students


Nest House was built by students over the summer of 2021 and was the test bed for the first ever No Building As Usual (NBAU) educational programme – a construction process bringing together leading environmental professionals from across the sector.


Build your own solar powered home


Find out more about Nest House here. Interested in building your own off-grid home? Get in touch to speak to us about your project today.


You can read the full article in Grand Designs Magazine online here.

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