#NBAU Sponsor a Student

You can support diversity and climate literacy in education by sponsoring a student on our No Building As Usual 2021 programme.

The built environment sector needs to, and is starting, to change to respond to the climate emergency. The 39% of emissions that the sector is responsible for needs to be at 0% by 2040, which won’t happen through a ‘business as usual’ approach.

Studio Bark and Structure Workshop are leading the pilot programme this summer, and have the experience and the skills to deliver something that all involved will be proud of.

For this year’s pilot of No Building As Usual we are seeking sponsorship for students in Architecture, Structural Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Construction and Surveying.


Why should you sponsor a student?

No Building As Usual is a not for profit programme bringing immediate and tangible benefits.

We will ensure student participants leave the programme with a holistic understanding of climate appropriate design and specific technical knowledge much needed in the building sector.

If you or your organisation has pledged (publicly or privately) to help make this step change, sponsoring a student is a tangible and immediate action that you can take.

By ensuring students don’t have to pay for this experience we can provide valuable education that doesn’t discriminate against people from less affluent backgrounds.

Diversity of the student team will seek to reflect the diversity of our society at large. The student team will be selected by NBAU student coordinator Wadzanai Mhuka and Studio Bark in May 2021.

Use your profit for social and environmental good.


What will you get out of it?


Involvement and networking with industry leaders and experts


How to Sponsor a Student 

  1. Pay for a student to be part of the 10 week programme, which totals £1980exVAT per student

This will cover climate emergency teaching each week, including sessions on carbon counting and costing. It will also include food, off-grid accommodation and site facilities. Live Build mentoring and site experience will be provided by Studio Bark with no cost attached.

2. Donate part of the costs to sponsor a student by visiting our donate page.


Email nbau@studiobark.co.uk to find out more or to schedule a call with a member of our team.

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