NBAU Blog Takeover – Week 5

Self Reflection

This week I have come to see how important it is for each member of a team to have a go at all elements of the building process. This allowed us to work considerately and in more harmony. Whether it is a person’s strong point or not, the main part taken is that other members of the team can understand the thought + working process of different sectors which minimises large amounts of undoings and stress and promotes a healthy team mindset.


Week 5 – Insulate and Wrap

19/07/2021 – 23/07/2021

Monday – 19/07/21

On Monday morning we had the weekly briefing as always, splitting the team into different concentrated tasks that focused on the roofing, bolting the walls down, as well as a box building team working on the parapet boxes for the house.


We were also very happy to welcome Stephane from the studio bark team and finish placing the last roof boxes!


Tuesday – 20/07/21

On Tuesday we focused on the electrical wirings with members of different teams taking the opportunity to help out the leads of the electrical team (Terri, Jay, Salome and Matilda). The focus was on the DVC wires that would make place for the ventilation.


The electrical team hit a tiny bump with aligning the technical drawings to the placing of the sockets but were able to head on with their initiative and had Roli come at 11am to check and got their thumbs up. Well done guys!!


Wednesday – 21/07/21

With the lovely sun beaming down on the team, we had Steph and Gracious taking charge with the works on the roof. After bolting down the parapet boxes along the edge of the roof, they laid down the damp proof membrane sealing it with airtightness tape in order to weatherproof it, and then began placing the rigid insulation on top.


Simultaneously, the wiring crew and bolting crew continued with their tasks from the previous day.


Thursday – 22/07/21

Our Thursday morning was spent finalising the tasks from the previous work day.


In the afternoon the water piping and insulation came into play where we had Tim (Atamate) showing us all the ropes. The washing machine pipe as well as the hot and cold water pipe were finally threaded through the floors.


Friday – 23/07/21

As the end of the week came we had a great tidy up session of our workshop, done by the amazing Rose, Gracious, Ada and Salome.


Maria continued the plumbing with Tim, working the piping that extracted the grey water out of the house as well as the piping that extracted the used air.


The insulation crew and electrician crew became two peas in a pod as a constant flow of communication sailed the progress forward. After receiving the electrical thumbs up, the insulation crew followed behind and layered up the house with sheep’s wool insulation, allowing the floors to be sealed off.


A note from Studio Bark

No Building As Usual is an ambitious student build project running for 10 weeks over the summer of 2021. The programme addresses the climate emergency, diversity in the built environment professions, and the need for cross-industry collaboration.

Many thanks to blog and NBAU project collaborator NMITE

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