NBAU Blog Takeover – Week 16



Week 16 – Decking, air test and handles…

04/10/21 – 08/10/21



Monday – 04/10/21

Worked efficiently with Mark to complete the decking between the car parking area and entrance, and then the majority of the decking on the eastern side.

Tuesday – 05/10/21

Fitted internal door and up came some complications with door handle fitting – we needed long bolts for the handle and a longer locking bolt.

Afternoon was spent building the remaining trellis at the entrance to Nest House, ready for external light installation.

Wednesday – 06/10/21

Atamate on site, installing vent extracts in the main rooms, as well as remaining electrics, heat mats, and ventilation ducting in the plant room. There was still some work left to be done for client move in monday.
Worked with Atamate to cut holes in face panels for their ducting and additional access panels for cabling.
Decking continued… finished decking by the car parking area and eastern side and then began the northern decking.

Carpet fitters returned to carpet the living room and the study
Open reach engineers came and surveyed the property. We discussed where the cable for the phone line would be attached to the building and how it would enter.

Good day with a buzz on site, lots of people. It was challenging to try and manage my time and answer all the questions but I think it went well.

Thursday – 07/10/21

Air test day – Score achieved 2.82.
The test measures the air permeability of the structure with the lower the score the better/more airtight

Finished decking on north side
Hung family bathroom door
Fitted a few kitchen cupboard door knobs

Friday – 08/10/21

All kitchen cupboard door knobs fitted – except fridge
Assisted Tim with cutting holes for the vents
Collected replacement through bolts for the door handles to the internal doors
Fitted door handles and latch plate for both bathrooms – awaiting replacement lock spindles



A note from Studio Bark

No Building As Usual is an ambitious student build project running for 10 weeks over the summer of 2021. The programme addresses the climate emergency, diversity in the built environment professions, and the need for cross-industry collaboration.

Many thanks to blog and NBAU project collaborator NMITE

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