NBAU Blog Takeover – Week 13

Self Reflections


With the realisation settling in of now being the only remaining student on site, the week started on a slightly somber note. Despite this the week ahead was busy with site activity in a rush to get the building ready for the floorers to come the following week. There was very much a mantra of “build the mess away!” A point of frustration but also learning from this week was something that I’ve been slowly realising with construction, which is to complete a task that you have in mind you often have to do 5 other things before you can do the thing you wanted to. I felt like this happened to me a lot this week. However, in having to overcome these instances they have helped me to develop my site management and sequencing skills. The week had a rewarding end though, with having a completely clear floor and the sunset shining through the windows.


Week 13 – Build the mess away!

13/09/21 – 17/09/21


Monday – 13/09/21

Plant room prepping for air exchange tank
Electrics – plugs fitted

External terrace – first solar panel fitted


An exciting addition to the trellis was the first pv panel to be mounted on the south elevation. There was a bit of working out to do at first with the angle and height of the timber required. Once this was established and tested more were cut and assembled ready for the 6 other pv panels to be installed.

Tuesday – 14/09/21

Air exchange unit seated in place.

Sliding doors fitted by Olly

Noggin fitting

Kitchen arrangement, worktop, sink loose fit, electrics coordination

Utility worktop fitted


A personal highlight of the week was seeing the sliding doors installed. Olly from U-Build came to site for a couple of days to help with assembling them, as they were a bespoke piece for the house. The doors are around 2050x1500mm and 3 ply thick, which have been hung from 3 rollers at the head and guided in a track at the base. After wrestling with their weight and installing them, the doors glide effortlessly along their tracks.

Wednesday – 15/09/21

Shower trays seated
Kitchen: fridge, sink + tap end panels cut
Site tidying started
Continue sliding doors
Electrics: sockets, lights and heating mats
Plant: ducting continued
Ceiling and wall panels continued


The building services team were all hands on deck this week with up to 7 people on site all getting stuck in. Throughout the week electrical sockets, IR heat mats, lights and sensors were installed. Additionally the plant room plumbing and vent system were finalised.

Thursday – 16/09/21

Second sliding door fitted
Shower panels began to be cut and fix
Internal walls panels all fitted
Bathroom units constructed and put in place.


To ensure the flooring works could go ahead the following week there was a myriad of internal jobs that needed to be completed. The main tasks being all internal wall boxes had to be insulated with face panels fixed and kitchen and bathroom units placed in their final positions.

Friday – 17/09/21

Shower panels continued
Closing the loop of bathroom room and plantroom
Power working, plantroom water set up
House tidy up and floor clearing


The last task of the week was a big building clear out, everything had to be removed from the house or left in a place that did not impede floor installation.



A note from Studio Bark

No Building As Usual is an ambitious student build project running for 10 weeks over the summer of 2021. The programme addresses the climate emergency, diversity in the built environment professions, and the need for cross-industry collaboration.

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