Last week Studio Bark took part in the fourth annual 2020 Megacrit. This years the focus was the Climate Emergency, and Studio Bark’s Nick Newman was invited to participate as a guest critic.

Oganised by the Architecture Foundation and the London Schools Collective the event recognises the gravity and urgency of the climate crisis and looks at how this will impact London’s built environment. – Architecture Foundation

The experimental event brought together students from across London’s Architecture schools. The idea is to mix students from different schools to allow the productive cross pollination of ideas. Students crit groups were arranged according to particular research topics, leading to some really high quality dialogue and debate.

The Megacrit took place on Thursday 9th Jan at the amazing Bargehouse Space on Coin Street. Our U-Build system formed the backdrop, including the structures designed by UEL students as part of their ‘Bring Your Own Box’ Construction week project. The U-Build robot made by school pupils as part of the ‘Climate Emergency!’ workshops we helped to run at the end of last year, also made an appearance.

To finish up the megacrit, Nick gave a presentation and demo of U-Build, summing up many of the themes explored during the day.

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