Come on a journey with Studio Bark!

Starting a building project can be daunting for any prospective client.

A new interactive part of our website will demystify how a typical Studio Bark project develops through the RIBA Plan of Work – whilst the RIBA’s work stages are industry standard, every architecture practice is different, so this is a chance for us to explain how our small team works, by bringing environmental expertise and a high level of collaboration to each unique project. It’s a tried and tested process which has led to the creation of many projects that we, and more importantly our clients, are very pleased with.

Our interactive ‘Client Journey’, which will be published in the next few weeks, will take prospective clients through each step from initial enquiry to building completion, explaining the services and the outcomes that each stage entails. As well as being for our clients, we hope it’s something that many other people, like students, self builders, consultants etc will also enjoy.

Digital design studio Multiple States has painstakingly animated each of our hand drawings and the client journey is now tantalisingly close to being finished!

Follow the countdown to the launch on our instagram feed @studiobark

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