Studio Bark’s Statement

On Monday 23rd August people are taking to the streets to apply pressure to our political system for meaningful and urgent climate action.

The IPCC’s 6th Assessment Report released last week warns that locked-in temperature increases will exceed the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 degrees warming before 2040. We are seeing impacts of unfolding climate destabilisation across the globe, from unprecedented heatwaves and wildfires to extreme weather events.

Our government has made the right noises, but their actions (including granting licenses for an expansion of North Sea oil and approving a new coal mine) are out of step with their rhetoric. The environmental movement has won the argument on the climate crisis, but we are now faced with dangerous political inertia and procrastination.

We need to build political will and the mandate for far reaching changes to almost every aspect of our society. And so, it falls to us all, to demand action in the streets. This is a collective responsibility that we all share.

As a business we have taken the decision to support #ClimateProtestDay by offering our staff the day off from work at the business’s cost in order to join the @extinctionrebellion protest in Trafalgar Square on Monday 23 August. So often, midweek protesting is the reserve of the committed few who forgo their annual leave and holidays to take action. This is an emergency and it needs us all to step up. We encourage other businesses and practices to join us in supporting this initiative.

Find out how you can support Climate Protest Day at ACAN’s website here.

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