Breaking Ground On Holloway Lightbox


After the successful closure of Bark Live Build project Warren Lodge, Studio Bark is moving on to its next live build project, Holloway Lightbox. It’s a sunny Friday in September and the Studio Bark team are now on site breaking ground.

The brief this time involves a garden studio for a screenwriter and photographer couple in Leyton, London. The completed project will provide them with a dedicated space to think and create, sitting as a carefully sculpted addition to their back garden.

The design  features an asymmetrical pitched roof, with a fixed rooflight to allow for a high level of sunlight penetration during the day, and providing a glowing presence at night.  One of the most challenging aspects of the build is its abutment to three boundary walls, meaning that the structure will have to be built in reverse order; starting with the external rainscreen and working inward to the room finishes.


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