Architects Declare


The climate emergency is the biggest challenge facing our planet and our profession. Built for the Environment sets out how we can bring about urgent change, and as architects, it is our responsibility to unite and amplify its message.


We’re pleased to endorse the latest report from @RIBA and @archdeclare that brings together research from across the built environment to prompt the sector to scale-up its capabilities and set out recommendations to governments ahead of #COP26.


Architect Smithy of Buro Happold and leading author of the report says that,


“Our hope is that by mid-October, we will have endorsements from around the world and across the sector, including clients, design teams, contractors, and the whole value chain. By bringing our voices together, we hope to illustrate to governments that the built environment is not only key in tackling the challenges presented by the climate and biodiversity”


The report highlights the climate and biodiversity emergency stating that the world


‘requires the urgent, widespread deployment of our existing capabilities and technologies. We cannot – and do not need to – wait for emerging technologies: we already possess the skills and tools to help to restore ecosystems and limit the impact that the built environment has on the planet.’


Together, we can harness the complex built environment sector, work with governments, scale up and speed up change and transition to a fair and sustainable built environment for all.


Check out some useful links on how to get involved below!



Architects Declare Statement.



The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change

Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow.



Online global conference with RIBA in partnership

with Architects Declare.

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