2020 Guerrilla Tactics

11th November: RIBA Guerrilla Tactics: Reinventing Practice

On the 11th November we’re speaking at the 2020 RIBA Guerrilla Tactics conference about how rural environments have supported innovative practice for Studio Bark. We’ve recently been discussing how we can branch into new ways of working with rural authorities, with the long-term goal of delivering more affordable and self build housing for rural communities. We look forward to unpicking this in more detail through the presentation and discussion.

The week-long conference is being curated by Tomas Miller, from the Millar + Howard Workshop and the conference is dedicated to the topic of ‘Reinventing Practice’. We’re excited to swap notes with other presenters on the day, including Furgus Feilden (Feilden Fowles), Alan Dickson (Rural Design) and Niall Maxwell (Rural Office for Architecture) on how this reinvention is taking shape in pockets of the profession, inspired by rural opportunities.


The conference runs from Monday 9 to Friday 13 Nov 2020


Tickets for the event here

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