UEL Construction Week 2018 – Post 2

Friday – 5/10/2018 The 2 teams visited the Studio Bark Office once more to present their finalised designs. After a brief discussion and comments on each individual concept, the students were sent home and the chosen design will be announced tomorrow morning. Saturday – 6/10/2018 The final design for a multi-purpose Platform Hut was chosen. The next task was to consider the available materials at site and to produce construction drawings, carefully working out the details of connections and timber joinery. Sunday – 7/10/2018 This marks the beginning of the UEL Team’s ‘Off-Grid’ living experience. The students arrive at the Worcestershire site and begin setting up camp at their chosen camp-site. In the evening, Wilf & Steph show the students how to make a fire and cook meals. The day ended with a short briefing on the agenda for the next day.  

Note from Studio Bark: As part of UEL Construction Week 2018 students will be taking over our news feed. For more information about this year’s brief, please see here.

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