UEL Construction Week 2018 – Post 1

Monday – 1/10/2018
On the first few days of UEL Construction Week, the students focused heavily on research into planning policies, historic maps, geology, etc. while paying attention to permitted development on agricultural land.

Tuesday – 2/10/2018
Wilf met up with the students at UEL Main Space to discuss the approach on planning and intervention typologies. Studio Bark provided a set of parameters for the design and subsequently the students began the design development of 6 possible interventions.

Wednesday – 3/10/2018
The students visited the Studio Bark office to present each of the possible interventions, supported by research. At the end of the day, three designs were selected to be further developed.

Thursday – 4/10/2018
The team were divided into two smaller groups: one will explore the design possibilities of combining the final three designs into one, while the other will produce three individual small-scale interventions.


Note from Studio Bark: As part of UEL Construction Week 2018 students will be taking over our news feed. For more information about this year’s brief, please see here.

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