UEL Construction Week 2018 – Post 3

Monday – 8/10/2018
The students started the day finalising the base dimensions of the chosen design and testing it out with actual 1:1 scale roundwood. Later in the day, the materials to be used for the construction were carried to the actual site using ropes. We ended the day with initial experimentation of joinery.

Tuesday – 9/10/2018
While Wilf & Steph continued experimenting on joinery, the students proceeded to calculate the respective dimensions for each A frame as well as figuring out the location and orientation of the structure on the site. Later in the evening, the students continued transporting the remaining roundwood.

Wednesday – 10/10/2018
The day began with finalising the setting out and dimensions for the structure. This allowed us to position and erect the first A frame. Steph & Tom began testing out making timber shakes with the felled Red Oak.


Note from Studio Bark: As part of UEL Construction Week 2018 students will be taking over our news feed. For more information about this year’s brief, please see here.

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