U-Build’s Pitch Roof Debut

We’re pleased to share some of our latest construction photos from Mill Lane, taken on site during the last couple of weeks. Following on swiftly from demolition and enabling works, the main building programme began just three weeks ago. Already the extension has been topped out with the final pieces of the U-Build pitch roof being neatly slotted into place last week. The pre-cut insulation from Thermafleece is on-site and ready to be placed into the U-Build boxes and windows are being installed later this week. Not only is Mill Lane is our first U-Build extension, it’s also the first time we’ve created a pitched roof using the system. Our hard work seems to have paid off – the build is coming on smoothly and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s looking. Many thanks to our dedicated volunteer Ailsa whose help on site has been invaluable!

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