Timber frame and timber fibre installation

A month or so after my last post, the timber frame has flown up…

– The stud walls and floors have now grown up around the GGBS trombé stair, but we are ensuring the stair speaks for itself, leaving shadow gaps around the treads and a small ‘light slit’ to the front façade. This will also help the natural / passive ventilation system.

– A mixture of standard timber studwork from Cushions and I joists from Steico have provided the best cost / environmental solution  ( note, the I joists reduce thermal bridging due to their skinny  internal profile )

– We’ve just started installing the NBT  timber fibre insulation system, using a mixture of Diffutherm (for the render), Pavatherm (for the cladding) and Pavaflex (for the internal cavity & stud walls). Iso-bloco tape is used between plinth board and Diffutherm board to ensure a good airtight seal.

– Martin (NPB) has just finished the parapet upstand and Matt Gray (Sarnafil) has installed the Sarnavap vapour barrier, ready to take the kingspan insulation (note, unnatural material unavoidable for an un-vented warm roof of this nature)

Next will be the ‘periscopic’ cantilevers and the window installation. Lets hope they fit!

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