Swiss Pod

Our self build construction system has made it all the way to the beautiful Swiss Alps. The Swiss Pod was made with Alpine Co-working a company that designs and creates work-spaces for young companies. Alpine co-working have taken on space at Leger Areal, a historic mill nestled at the base of the Braunwald mountains. The pod will be used as a sleeping space within the cavernous old factory. More information about the fascinating site and its history can be found on the Legler Areal website. The CNC pieces were cut nearby by the Kuratle Group a company with no prior knowledge of the system, but who were able to cut and deliver the flat pack pieces ready for assembly. The pod took three days to build (including factory cutting time) and is finished with mst recycled timber board internally and polycarbonate openings to let in natural light. It was a great opportunity to test how easily the system could be appropriated beyond the UK and so creating the pod was a very valuable process. The U-Build pod will live in the Spinning Mill at the Legler site, at the foot of the ski resort Braunwald. HIAG are the Swiss property owner who specialise in the management of former industrial sites. Top image credits belong to HIAG Immobilien.  

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