Studio Bark to participate in Open House London

Studio Bark is participating in the Open House weekend with our Grosvenor Road project, which is an extension and reconfiguration of a Victorian London terrace, with a synthesis between environmental and aesthetic design decisions.

Grosvenor Road was driven by an engaging brief from the client – to find two complementary materials respecting the clients’ Portuguese and Scandinavian heritage.

Internal finishes and bespoke fitted joinery are clearly visible, being made from OSB smartply timber board in reference to one of the client’s Scandinavian upbringing. This choice of material injects the home with a practical yet playful finish that suits the young family’s requirements. The timber board is made of 100% sustainably sourced timber with no added formaldehyde, and is one of the cheapest and most sustainable boards available.

Externally, the new additions to the home use contemporary Portuguese tiles, referencing the other half of the client’s heritage. Consequently, the exterior of the building pays homage to the blue and white tiled facades of Porto and its environs. Doing so, it provides an additional scale of pattern and craftsmanship to the equivalent detailing of the original master builders of the Victorian terrace.

The Grosvenor Road project will be open to visitors between 10 AM to 1 PM on Saturday 21st and between 1 PM to 5 PM on Sunday 22nd September.

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