Studio Bark and the City of Nomads

As part of the Berlage Design Master Class Studio Bark were invited to take part in a workshop along side Joshua Bolchover and John Lin from Rural Urban Framework (RUF) to discuss the Master Class brief titled, ‘City of Nomads: Incremental Urbanism in Ulaanbaatar’s Ger Districts’. Using a mixture of film, model making and drawing, the masterclass was split into two halves over a two week period. The first week headed by Joshua looked at the wider scales, investigating the different Ger districts (the inner, the middle and the fringe) to formulate an alternative urban model.

Zooming in and using 1:10 models, the second week headed by Jon Lin looked at how these proposed interventions would work with with the existing Ger. The 1:10 models were intended to test how new and existing would connect, and how the interventions could adapt and work with the variable topography.


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