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Chestnut Grove


Assington, Babergh District Council






Under Construction


Chestnut Grove is a small woodland located 1 mile southwest of the picturesque village of Assington. This proposal aims to create a beautiful home using resources found on site,. Thus, that can be transformed into a unique yet modest contemporary home. The site comprises of a cottage, several outbuildings, gardens, ponds and woodland. Consequently, the overriding strategy for the site is to enhance the natural setting. Firstly, through the reduction and rationalisation of the existing buildings on the site. Secondly, through the creation of a new low impact dwelling that nestles into the wooded landscape.

Studio Bark has carefully selected the materiality of the proposed dwelling to reflect the natural setting. The cladding is being fabricated from Sweet Chestnut grown on the site with reflective opaque glass panels on the south faces. The team created the form from a series of open edged boxes that step down in a clustered massing. The boxes presents an interpretation of the woodland environment, whilst creating a clear hierarchy of spaces within the Chestnut Grove house.



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