Oolite House gains Planning Permission

Oolite House has been awarded planning permission by Stroud District Council. The scheme’s permission was decided at committee at the end of last month and we’re wasting no time getting the ball rolling on the next stage of the design process. 

Nestled within the steep western escarpment of the Cotswold Hills the site benefits from the south-facing topography and panoramic views towards the Frome Valley. The topography and surrounding grain have been key considerations during the design process, with the form and massing carefully tested to ensure the house sits comfortably within its context.


Concept and Form

The area around Stroud, including Oakridge Lynch is well known for its outcrops of Oolite limestone that formed the Cotswold Hills during the Jurassic period. Oolite is extremely permeable, and where it meets beds of clay water is driven out in the form of springs. It is these springs that have been highly active in the formation of the deep and complex valleys. Geology and topography have played a strong role in the design process; from the upper (site access) level the home appears as a single storey, wrapped in Cotswold Stone. From the lower part of the site and the lane leading up to Oakridge Lynch the geometric form appears carved from the steep escarpment.


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