New ‘Technical Desktop Appraisal’ Service

Do you have a site where you’re unsure of its potential for development, or are looking for a site to build your dream home but don’t know where to begin?

Studio Bark are offering desktop site appraisals, a new service for both searching for and evaluating potential sites. The tool was developed with Paragraph 79 in mind, but can also be used to appraise various rural or urban locations, particularly where a site is sensitive or subject to onerous planning policy requirements.

Send us an email at info@studiobark.co.uk and we will arrange a time to discuss your options in more detail.

Client Testimonials:

‘The site hunting and analysis done by Studio Bark was a really useful exercise that helped us gain a better overall understanding of what it takes for a Para 79 site to be suitable as well as finding some interesting plots. The search that was conducted within our specific search radius revealed a couple of potential sites as well as a number of others that were less suitable but nonetheless very useful to discuss. I would recommend this service for anyone with a specific interest in certain plots or as a general analysis of potential Para 79 suitable plots within a search area. Studio Bark conducted the work very quickly and at a reasonable cost. I will certainly use it again if the need arises.’

‘We used Studio Bark to evaluate potential sites to build a house on. The service we received was excellent. They were able to tell us within a very short space of time whether or not the site may have had potential. They were able to advise us not to purchase 2 plots of land and saved us a lot of time and heart ache.
We appreciated their in depth knowledge of what planners would be looking for and what would make a viable site. They were approachable, always willing to listen and help and we are so pleased we have now found a site and are in the planning stages.’


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