Manbey Pod on Homes&Property

We are very happy to see the Manbey Pod being featured on Evening Standard’s Homes&Property. The article was published online at the end of last week. 

Since Box House aired on TV’s Grand Designs: The Street in April and we showcased the U-Build system at Grand Designs Live Show in May, we were happily overwhelmed with the attention and enquiries received. Many people wanting to make best use of their garden space or add an extension have been reaching out to us to find out how they can use the U-Build system. It is truly wonderful to have the Manbey Pod, build with the U-Build system, feature on Homes&Property as a eco, sustainable and bespoke garden studio as it is. We believe that it will bring forward more self-build enthusiasts who are interested in having a special garden studio for a variety of uses. 

Here is the link to the article: Shed Office Ideas

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