KUB at Grow Pod

As we plough into autumn the grow pod welcomes its latest residents Kinetic Ubiquitous Bandwidths (KUB) into the Grow Eco-Pod. KUB consists of Larry Phillips and Janis Sokolovskis, sound artists exploring performance environments, active listening and embodied music cognition. KUB are inviting all active members of the artistic community to participate in the exploration of potential creative applications and music making at the Eco Pod. If that includes you and you are interested in finding out more please see further information here. Thanks to Grow Hackney and Jordanna for keeping the eco pod alive with creativity! It’s great to see the small space being so well used. Long live the pod! U-Build is a modular building system developed by Studio Bark to be easy to construct, enjoyable to inhabit and quick to deconstruct at the end of its useful life. The U-Build pod started life as a temporary community space, then became Studio Bark’s site hut for a summer. At the end of last year it was moved to it’s new home at Grow Bar and is now host to a range of local Hackney Wick creatives, part of a residency programme crafted by Grow Bar. In their own words, Grow exists for music, art, food, conversation, community and a space where everyone is welcome. Run as an experiment in ethical and sustainable business, Grow works in partnership with local artists, musicians and community groups, while asking: Is it possible to be a financially sustainable enterprise while: Using eco-electricty; eco cleaning and recycled products Sourcing locally and sustainably wherever possible Working in partnership with independent and ethical enterprises wherever possible Using organic and fairtrade wherever possible. Offering free entry events wherever possible to share music, art and community workshops   Cover photo of KUB by Antoine Paichard.

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