Grand Designs Live Post Show

Between 4-12 May, Studio Bark was at Excel Centre as part of the Grand Designs Live Show, exhibiting a U-Build stand to demonstrate how the system works. 

Many self build enthusiasts, some who watched the TV episode where Box House was shown, visited our two storey, terraced stand right next to the main stage, with a view over the whole exhibition area. Being one of the main features of the show, we were delighted with the attention we received from the Day 1. With Kevin McCloud visiting our stand several times to see the U-Build boxes, try out the AR Headsets, and even enjoy the private terrace, it was a perfect opportunity to reach out to as many people as possible. 

Besides showcasing how the U-Build system works on our stand, we had an amazing opportunity to talk at the Grand Theatre to tell more about Studio Bark, our values and where we would like to take U-Build in the future in terms of housing and community projects. We also held a brief U-Build box making competition between two people from the audience who came up to the stage, showed their DIY skills and experienced in person how easily the boxes can be made. 

From people who want to build their homes to people who want garden studios we received inquiries from all over the world. For the people who are about to start their self build journey we held complimentary consultation sessions on our stand to go over their plans to work out how the U-Build system can accommodate their needs.

During this 9-day period that even included a visit from Kit Malthouse, the Housing Minister, we showcased the steps that form the U-Build system. From making boxes to filling them with insulation, covering with breathable membrane and applying the cladding, people aged 2 to 75 with or without any relevant background had a hands on experience of self build.

The U-Build stand is now dismantled and transported back to our studio where it is in the process of becoming part of an affordable workspace project on our parking lot, with GLA funding and in collaboration with the London Borough of Hackney. There will be another U-Build stand produced for the second Grand Designs Live Show in Birmingham, ready for 9-13 October 2019, the pieces of which will then form part of the second phase of the affordable workspace development.

Follow U-Build for further updates.

Studio Bark's U-Build stand with visitors at Grand Designs Live Show
A live demonstration of the U-Build system is taking place at the Grand Designs Live show with Studio Bark and Kevin McCloud
Visitors are speaking to Studio Bark about the U-Build system
Visitors are speaking to Studio Bark about the U-Build system
Visitors are speaking to Studio Bark about the U-Build system
Visitors are speaking to Studio Bark about the U-Build system
Kevin McCloud is trying on Fologram's AR Headset at Studio Bark's U-Build stand at Grand Designs Live
Kevin McCloud is visiting Studio Bark's u-Build stand and trying on the AR headsets of Fologram
Kunle Barker is visiting Studio Bark's U-Build stand at Grand Designs Live and trying on Fologram's AR Headset
Nick from Studio Bark is being interviewed by the filming crew of Grand Designs Live at the show
Studio Bark is speaking at Grand Theatre at the Grand Designs Live Show explaining the U-Build system
Visitors from National Trust are making U-Build boxes
Visitors from UPM are making a U-Build box at Studio Bark's stand at Grand Designs Live
Kids are trying out the U-Build system and making boxes at Studio Bark's stand Grand Designs Live
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