Filming #Take 1

Before Christmas we spent a hugely enjoyable two days with Mini Productions, filming content for our new U-Build website. We can’t wait to see the results later this month, and are even more excited about sharing the final film when the new website goes live. It was a wholly positive experience and great to see the workings of another young creative practice in a completely different field. It’s a huge stroke of luck that our new studio space is located at the Old Baths in Hackney Wick where there just so happens to be a huge photography studio and an excellent cafe that helped keep energy levels high for the duration. Our Place and Multiple States are in the final throws of making the U-Build site which will be at ubuild.org sometime in February, Huge thanks to the lovely miniproductions crew for making the whole experience so relaxed and to Ylang Ylang and Shelagh for agreeing to be part of the film! Also thanks to Emily Crookshank and Anna Glover for lending us their artworks and belongings for the styling! @miniproductions @ourplace @Cre8StudioLDN @gaiapulsescafe

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