U-Build Featured In a Circular Economy Publication

We were contacted by the Department of Architectural Engineering of the Vrije University in Brussels to be included in their new publication. ‘Building A Circular Economy’ showcases 16 design categories such as sustainable, reversible, independent, compatible, simple, recycled, etc. to help designers build for the future. We are delighted that our U-Build system has been selected to feature under the ‘Manageable’ category.

The book facilitates the transition towards a circular construction sector. It explores how more and more buildings, and building products, are branded as ‘circular’. Lighting fixtures or interior finishing for example are offered through leasing, or buildings are marketed together with maintenance services and material passports. ‘Building A Circular Economy’ asks if these products cycle effectively and more efficiently in closed material loops, compared to their conventional alternatives.

We received the beautifully designed and printed copies of the publication last week.

Here is a little snippet of the article:

“Designed by architects, approved by engineers, built by youThe system components are designed such that they can be lifted by 1-2 people and assembled with basic tools, empowering a wide group of people to engage with construction”, the developers state. Their ultimate goal for the U-Build system is to provide a sustainable, circular economy solution for buildings, within the context of a global environmental crisis.”

We are very happy to be part of this project and hope that the publication will provide inspiration for increasingly circular construction processes.

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