Box House Construction Timeline

Box House was built remarkably quickly by a team of students with very little prior construction experience. Below we have chronicled the weekly progress of their live build. The students were on site for three weeks, but it only took an incredible 4 weeks to complete the structural envelope. 

The student build was overseen by Studio Bark’s construction arm – Studio Bark Projects. The construction company was set up to enable us to run ‘live build’ projects designed to give students hands-on construction experience. The students were absolutely fantastic and we cannot give them enough credit for their dedication, team spirit and workmanship! 


Week 0 – Site set-up

Week 1 – Western red cedar, cladding panel pre-fabrication

Week 2 – Ground floor walls

Week 3 – Intermediate floor and first floor walls

Week 4 – Structural envelope complete

Week 5 – Insulation and screed

Week 6 – Green Roof

Week 7 – Stair Install

Week 8 – Cladding

Week 9 – Kitchen and Interiors

Week 10 – Scaffolding dismantle

Week 11 – Plumbing and on-going trades work

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