Black Barn Instagram Reveal – Post 1 of 20

As the Black Barn progresses on site we’re taking a look back at the design development in a series of 20 previously unseen images, documenting our journey from initial site visit (here) to finished home. Post 1 is a photo taken at the first site visit in November 2014. The site was overgrown, with an area to the north indicating past use as an allotment for domestic vegetables.

We’ll be posting a weekly image to our Instagram account @studiobark – follow us to see the journey unfold leading to a design we’re really proud of.


Historic Context

Dallinghoo in Suffolk has been a farming settlement for hundreds of years with records dating back to 1086. Research into the history of the site suggested there had been a reasonably large agricultural development for at least 135 years until relatively recently when the site became redundant as an agricultural holding. Historic OS maps and property deeds indicate:

1880 – The site at this time was a poultry farm, and visual landmark in the village.
1888 – Bourne Lodge Poultry Farm is clearly marked out as a landmark in the village. The massing of the barns at this time indicates there was quite an extensive development on the site.
1988 – Marked on the site is a long barn to the western boundary and a second barn to the south, potentially indicating the farm was still functioning at this time.

This research inspired the initial architectural language and anchored the design with its context.

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