Bespoke CNC stair by Studio Bark

The Riga Birch plywood stair was designed and installed by Studio Bark at the Black Barn – our Paragraph 55 home in Suffolk.

The stair uses CNC joining techniques that we have been developing through our past CNC and U-Build projects (including the Shed Project, the Garden Room and a couple of other projects that we look forward to sharing soon) . The plywood pieces were delivered to the site in flat-pack form, having been pre-cut by Cut and Construct so that installation required minimal time and just a few simple tools.

Instead of routing by hand, CNC cutting is controlled via a computer, resulting in consistent and high-quality work and reduced waste.

Construction work on the Black Barn is progressing very well and is due for completion at the start of next year. The latest site news and a selection of photos are in last months news story.

Further information about the Black Barn’s design and environmental innovation can be found on our project page.

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